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The Miracle of 
Millionaire Ship Is In You
Live! Live! Live! Until You Die!
I'm gonna live till I die! 
I'm gonna laugh 'stead of cry,
 I'm gonna take the town 
and turn it upside down,
 I'm gonna live, live, live until I die.
Songwriters: Hoffman, Kent & Curtis

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  From Shepard's Quill
"A New Financial Awareness"
Earning, Saving, Spending
God's Money
Moving From 
Finance Driven to Mission Driven
It's Time To Break Free
An Introduction To Learning
God's Biblical Principals

It's a good thing we get more than one chance at passing the "how to handle money" test. First of all, it is the longest test I've ever taken. As a matter of fact, I am not yet finished. I had to learn very hard lessons about money as a young child, but I often wondered as an adult why I had to learn these hard lessons instead of just being taught what to do.  

Regardless of what you have or have not learned concerning money, there is one element that is generally omitted; that is the biblical principals that are directly related to money and the handling of it. The three most important principals are Circulating, Accumulating and Illuminating God's money.

As I worked and traveled in the ministry, I found that poverty was learned not inherited. There are immigrants, slaves and prisoners who have overcome some of most unbelievable circumstances and still become millionaires, moguls and financial icons in our society.
This brought me to the conclusion that the most important element of financial success is "belief". Not belief in what one can do with money; but belief in "who" one is and "whose" one is. That is the foundation for applying God's Biblical Principals to Earning, Saving, Spending and Saving God's Money. These Biblical Principals serve as a well lit pathway to true and lasting Financial Freedom.
                                                    ______ Dr. Linda Shepard
Your Womb For God's Will:
You're The Creation Station
Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 33
Dr. Linda K. Shepard

The Miracle of Millionaire-ship 
Is Already in You.
Network Marketing Is The Original Occupation

Jesus Said...
"I must be about my Father's Business"....Networking?

Networking Is God's Business,
Because It's About Relationships, Kinship,
Friendships & Partnerships!
Jesus was the Greatest Networker that ever walked the earth.
The first real miracle he performed was Duplicating himself:

He Chose Twelve;
1. He trained them to be like minded individuals.

2. Then He taught them to do the same:

3. Then He Built His Downline:

Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, 
Ministers, Deacons, 
Stewards, Trustees, Laypeople, New Converts.
Everybody Was Getting Blessed and Learning To Bless!

His Next Move Was Crucial:

He positively reinforced His leaders by blessing them with 
the Fruits of the Spirit so they could positively reinforce their
down line and gain the Gifts of Spirit.

Seek Ye First The Things of The Kingdom of God,
and His Righteousness and
All Else Will Be Added Unto You!
Matthew 6: 33

This Is The Order
"A New Culture of Financial Discipline & Awareness"

"I greet Challenge and Opportunity the same way.
I say hello and we become friends."
_____  Dr. Linda K. Shepard
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