Dr. Linda K. Shepard
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Dr. Linda's Favorite Stuff

Fav Hero:  Dad {Parker Valentine Shepard, Jr.}

Fav Heroine:  Mom {Clara Bell Shepard}

Fav Hymn:  Blest be the Ties That Bind

Fav Sermon: What's Next is Better / Mission Impossible

Fav Movie:  Bagdad Cafe / Trip to Bountiful / 
The Turning Point / Beaches / Mona Lisa Smile / 
Fried Green Tomatoes / 

Fav Book:  
Bible / Who Stole my Cheese / Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Fav Sport: 
Basketball / Football / Track/ UFC / Boxing / Tennis / Golf

Fav Car:  Bugatti Touring Sedan / Jaguar XJR

Fav City: Port Richmond, CA. /  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fav TV Show:  House Hunters / First Take / Twilight Zone (Org)

Fav Hobbies:  Traveling, Painting / Making old things new / 
                 Decorating anything / tinkering with cars & junk /  
                 Food Tasting / Making Jewelery / Cooking Out / Shopping

​Fav Contribution:  Linda's Really, Really Big Show! 
                                 (My One Woman Show 14 Years)
                                          Numyque Gym & Studio Day Spa (New Jersey)
                                 Financial Awareness Social Club (Team Gold)

My Wall Art
"I Will Paint on Anything"
    2Cleffs                                                             I Can Play It
Academic All American

Sertoma Award for Music

Ron Swenson Award for Academic Ledership

All Regional / All American Honors

High School Basketball Hall of Fame

College Basketball Hall of Fame

22 College Records

7 Top 5 National Stats

70 Track Medals (41 Gold) 

NAIA SCORING MARK- Lady Bobcat Linda Shepard:  Scored 49 points against Tarkio College Tuesday night to break the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics single-game scoring record and led Peru State to a 77-57 win. Shepard, a 5'7 senior from Lincoln made 22 of 33 field goal attempts, another NAIA best. The guard held the previous PSC scoring record of 39 points, set earlier this year.

I am called to serve the people of God. I do that to best of my ability. 
I am an All-American Athlete and I live my life based on 
three Spiritual Principals and three personal principals.
1. Love God with all my heart
2. Serve God and His People with all my might
3. Believe & Help others believe God when It doesn't even make sense.

1. I believe Love is medicine for all human disappointments
2. I believe Laughter is medicine for all human emotional pain
3. I meet Challenge and Opportunity the same way...I befriend them. both. 
    Teaching is my passion. Education, Motivation, Inspiration and Dedication.

Greatest need or desire:
My greatest need is a resource of proverbial proportions that will catapult me into position to help as many people as possible. My greatest desire is to have that happen and be able to empower others to do the same.

A Testimony of prayer:
I pray that the people of God will no longer take God's credit for that we have been given, afforded and taught. I pray that we, as His people will never forget that everything belongs to God, including us, and everything that belongs to God can be ours if we go about receiving God's way.

LONG TERM GOAL:   2017 Bugatti Touring Sedan
SHORT TERM GOAL:   2015-16 Jaguar XJ8 Sedan
Live, Live, Live Until You Die!
Individual Single Game Records
Most Points Scored 49 Shepard vs. Tarkio (MO) 1984-85
Total Field Goals Made 22 Shepard vs. Tarkio (MO)
Career Steals Leader 214 Linda Shepard 1982-85

Individual Single Season Records
1905 Total Points Scored
23.8 Scoring Average Shepard 1984-85
295 Total Field Goals Scored Shepard 1984-85
654 Total Field Goals Attempted Shepard 1984-85

Individual Career Records
Total Points Scored 1,905 Shepard 1982-83
Field Goals Made 870 Shepard 1982-83
Field Goals Attempted 1,936 Shepard 1982-83
Total School Records Held-Broken 22 Shepard 1982-85